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Hydration MD (Oxygen Skin Hydration Therapy)

Oxygen is necessary for the skin, in order to rejuvenate dull and old looking skin, as well as plumping out fine lines and wrinkles. At Skintech Medical Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we have combined oxygen and hyaluronic acid as well as a number of vitamins and minerals to give you the ultimate pampering facial treatment. This non-medical facial treatment is painless and does not require any harsh chemical peels, as it is designed to oxygenate the skin, which assists in self-healing.

Oxygen infusion facial delivers a mixture of pure oxygen at a high pressure, and anti aging serum through airbrush equipment to the face and body. It is almost as though someone is using a tiny power washer to pump oxygen and moisturizer into the skin. It combines concentration of 90-95% pure oxygen under pressure and modified hyaluronic acid to create a visible result you can instantly see and feel. Additionally, the application of pressurized topical hyperbaric oxygen increases the absorption of the infusion, which helps the skin retain the hydration level and moisture. Once hydration level is balanced, your skin will look and feel healthier and more vital – additionally many other skin complaints will naturally disappear.

The infusion of oxygen and vitamins is fantastic for the skin as it encourages and initiates the growth of new cell and the production of collagen. This treatment may also rejuvenate skin that has been exposed to pollutants, such as UVA and UVB rays, tobacco smoke and other toxins that starve cells of their oxygen. This treatment have been used to get rid of acne scars, as it is believed that the infusion of oxygen helps the skin to create new cells at a faster rate and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

This facial treatment does not usually cause any side effects such as burning, stinging or itching. The method of delivery used in order to pump oxygen into the skin is gentle, which makes the treatment a viable option for those with sensitive skin, and who has difficulties with injections or other treatments to get rid of wrinkles. Patients can resume their normal activities right away after the treatment. Make up and lotion can also be applied after the treatment without worrying about how the skin will react.*

The Hydra Facial is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime. The procedure is immediately effective. It uses a skin care system with a specialized tip to exfoliate, pore cleanse and also penetrate the differentiated premium solution into the skin using the principle of electroporation that makes the skin clearer and cleaner.

Combining the powerful effects of a peel with the nourishing effects of a spa facial, it works to improve your skin appearance and skin quality. The Hydra Facial smooths and resurfaces the skin, while it hydrates by using a unique combination of cleansing and moisturizing serums. These very different approaches to skin care work in unison to deliver exceptional results.

With its unique spiral design, Hydra Facial treatments can take as little as 15 minutes, with results showing almost immediately. Each with multiple peeling edges, will exfoliate and polish the skin with each pass, leaving you with a smoother and even skin tone.*

The Peptide Lift Firming Facial is very effective in restoration of sagging skin, returning the skin back to its original state by a special patented ingredient-lifting polymer. Developed by patented Pico technology resulting a phenomenal lifting effect, it penetrates fast into the skin as it contains Peptides – Copper Tripeptide, Acetyl Hexapeptide, and Palmitoylpentateptide. As a result, it increases collagen production by compounding with aged cells, giving resilience to skin as well as improving the appearance of wrinkles. Amino acids from plants are also synthesized into functional molecular structures to increase collagen stimulation in the skin, smoothen wrinkles, heal wounds and regenerate the skin effect. This facial also prevents skin aging as it contains fruit extract of Oriental Raisin Tree that is a patented ingredient for anti-aging and whitening effect. This product aids in blood circulation and fat decomposition as it contains green tea extract, caffeine, beta-glucan, and Green No. 8. Moreover, it decomposes unnecessary fat, adjusting facial line as well as keeping the skin resilient.*

It is recommended to purchase a series of treatments to achieve the best results. Packages are available for this facial treatment.*

When you look into the mirror, do you feel your skin is as soft and as fresh as you want it to be? With microdermabrasion treatment, we can remove dead and flaking skin cells to create an immediate improvement in your skin’s appearance. This unique approach stimulates the production of fresh young skin cells and collagen. It is gentle and takes minimal time, making the treatment one of the most popular facial treatments for today’s busy person.

Microdermabrasion uses the application of tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin. Using micro crystals, the treatments works to remove the outermost layer of dry and dead skin cells in order to reveal younger, healthier looking skin. Medical grade microdermabrasion treatments involve a powerful skin vacuuming and suctioning process, which increases microcirculation in the skin. With regular treatments, the simultaneous motions of micro-abrasion and micro-circulatory stimulation can aid in rebuilding collagen in the skin. Microdermabrasion also encourages the production of a new underlying layer of skin cells with higher levels of collagen and elastin, which further improves your skin’s appearance. It is safe to be used on all skin types and skin colors.

After the first treatment, your skin will have a fresh pink glow. Improvement continues throughout the treatment program. Number of treatments needed ranges from 2 to 12 depending on each patient’s skin condition. This treatment is ideal for:

  • People who cannot afford to take time off for healing from chemical peels or lasers.
  • Active patients who don’t want to put off outdoor or social activities.
  • Skin that is sensitive to chemicals or make up.
  • Acne prone skin that has not responded well to acne remedies.
  • Younger patients with early skin changes who wish for softer and smoother skin.

This is an hour pampering treatment with a relaxing massage.*

A beautifully organic facial designed for different skin types to assist and treat skins that are in need of a deeper cleanse without the harsh stripping of the skin, whilst leaving even the most dehydrated and dry skins feeling hydrated and alive. We have 3 different organic peels to cater for each individual’s skin concerns. These facials exfoliate the surface of the skin therefore increasing normal skin function and will help to even out skin tone and texture, brighten the skin leaving it with a healthy, youthful appearance.*

DRBC Organic Peel Facial are perfect for introducing clients to a more active treatment whilst using natures own ingredients. Infused with natural ingredients and stem cells which help to protect the skins existing stem cells and prevent any future damage to them.

There are 3 levels of Organic Peels designed to cater for different skin types and conditions.

1. Exfoliate Plus – Lactic 10%

Lactic 10% is our most gentle peel and is an ideal peel to introduce your skin to active treatments. It is perfect for first timers who haven’t had any treatments before. This peel is ideal for all skins, especially sensitive, dehydrated, congested, ageing, problematic and inflamed skin. This is the perfect peel to combine with other facial treatments, or as a first time introductory treatment.

2. Peel Moist – Lactic 40%

Lactic 40% is a gentle, yet powerful facial peel which targets the epidermis, which is the uppermost layer of the skin. It enables a faster cell turnover which will result in a more youthful appearance as the healthier layers of the skin are brought to the surface. Lactic 40% is targeted mainly for clients who want to treat epidermal hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, mild acne and congestion, dull or lifeless skin and dehydration, however can be used on all skin types to achieve a gentle exfoliation and healthy, youthful glow.

3. Correct Moist – TCA 8%

TCA 8% revives the skin with radiance and glow, generating a more even skin tone, softer texture, increased clarity, increases the production of elastin and collagen, and helps to rid of melasma, hyperpigmentation, freckles, scars, tattoos and most blemishes on the skin. TCA is a powerful ingredient which is used for superficial peeling of the skin which even helps to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.

Our DRBC Organic Peel Facial combine natural ingredients with natural stem cells plus lactic acid which enable a powerful yet nurturing treatment for your skin, with best results!

Carrot Stem Cells being one of the main ingredients, help to protect the skins existing stem cells, and prevent any future damage by protecting the skins fibroblasts and keratinocytes. It helps to limit collagen degradation and prevents future skin damage and firmness loss. In turn, it helps to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen, restoring its unavoidable loss associated with ageing and environmental factors.

Our organic facial treatments have been designed to specifically target and assist in treating skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, ageing skin but are also suitable for all skin types to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.


Work by NASA proposed that Light Emitting Diodes (LED) had potential benefits in the medical community. Using this knowledge coupled with our understanding of how light interacts with the body Photo Therapeutics Inc. have developed a range of light devices for the medical and aesthetic communities.

At Skintech Medical Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we uses the OMNILUX LED Light treatment which gives the aestheticians direct access to medically and clinically prove technology for their patients. OMNILUX enables the aesthetician to deliver specific colors or wavelengths of light critical to achieving excellent results for skin rejuvenation, acne and can be used in combination with other aesthetic therapies to enhance results. Below shown is the chart for the different light colors:

Light Color Benefits More information
Blue – Kills acne bacteria The OMNILUX Blue eradicates the bacteria that cause the redness or inflammatory of acne.
Red – Stimulates collagen formation– Anti inflammatory The OMNILUX Revive or red light acts to energize, rejuvenate and repair damaged skin and uneven skin tone, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. OMNILUX Revive delivers a precise wavelength of visible red light that penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate fibroblast activity to naturally boost the production of collagen (the protein responsible for plump, healthy skin).

It depends on the specific condition of the skin you need to treat. Skin rejuvenation treatments using red and near infrared light will have a significant effect on perioral wrinkles, will help to reduce pore size, improve skin tone and texture, and give a vibrant, healthier looking skin. Combining blue and red helps remove the bacteria that cause redness and inflammation of acne, helping to minimize the redness of acne lesions, promoting healing and thus giving clearer and healthier skin.

It is advisable to consult one of our cosmetic nurses or therapists before purchasing the treatment sessions.*

See the difference in your skin with our DRBC medi-infusion facials. These certified organic and botanical treatments give you an unparalleled facial that will promote repair and remodelling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty. Your end result is healthier and more lustrous skin.

  1. Cucumber Mint Mask – dry, dull and acne dry skin
  2. Tropical Mango Mask – all skin types, also suited for irritated, dehydrated skin and skin with rosacea.
  3. Orange Zest Revitalising Mask – normal or aging skin and skin with hyperpigmentation.

It is advisable to consult one of our cosmetic nurses or therapists before purchasing the treatment sessions.*

Wrinkles and loose skin can take its toll on your looks. Even healthy and active people eventually show signs of aging on their faces. Since it’s the most important visual feature of your body-the one that most people will recognize you by-it’s important to keep your face fresh and youthful. More and more people have tried face lifts over the years to combat wrinkles and skin imperfections. Though often successful, traditional facelifts require minor surgery and prolonged recovery periods. There’s increasing demand for non-surgical techniques to refresh facial appearances. That’s where radio frequency facelifts come into play.

This type of non-surgical facelift treatment introduces radio frequency (RF) waves that are transferred onto the surface skin, creating measurable electrical heat that helps to contract the skin layers and build up collagen levels. Radio frequency skin tightening requires no cutting or repositioning of the skin, as it is necessary during a traditional eye or face lift – and has significantly fewer side effects than older laser skin therapies.

Much like laser treatment, RF energy penetrates both the epidermis and the dermis to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, but it causes no damage to existing skin cells. The RF device can perform fat sculpting on the jowl, cheeks and under the chin, in addition to lifting, tightening and anti-aging, for a powerful face remodelling effect without leaving scars, hardening any tissues, downtime and complications associated with other, more invasive procedures. It is fast, easy, painless and quite pampering with no downtime.

The result varies depending on your skin condition to begin with, however best results are seen with weekly treatments. The skin tightens and overall look is improved slowly and naturally. Packages are available to make this amazing facial even more affordable.

It is advisable to consult one of our cosmetic nurses or therapists before purchasing the treatment sessions.*

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