Hair Removal Facts that You Must Know

Many of you are just exasperated with shaving, waxing, or even tweezing. You could, in that case, consider laser hair removal as an effective alternative for eliminating unsightly or undesirable body hair. Laser hair removal is surely one of the most popular and frequently performed cosmetic procedures in the United States. A highly concentrated light is beamed into your hair follicles. Pigments present in the hair follicles would be absorbing the light. That would be destroying the hair. You may avail an effective laser hair removal at any reputed skin clinic based in Melbourne.

Laser Hair Removal: Some Striking Benefits

Lasers are effective in getting rid of unwanted hair from your legs, arms, face, underarms, bikini line and any other part of your body. Some of the striking benefits of this hair removal process are:

Precision Is the Key: This process boasts of precision. Lasers are great at targeting coarse, dark hairs but at the same time, they leave the rest of your skin literally undamaged.

Incredible Speed: Every laser pulse is known to take less than a second to target and treat numerous hairs at a time. The laser has the capability of treating an area that is about the same size as a quarter practically every second. Upper lip could be treated in just a minute while relatively larger area such as the legs or the back would be done within an hour. Get effective laser hair removal in Melbourne with the help of competent professionals at any reliable skin clinic or beauty salon.

Predictability: It is well-known that post three to about seven laser sessions; individuals would be experiencing permanent hair loss.

Getting Ready for the Laser Hair Removal Process

Laser hair removal is essentially a clinical process that necessitates proper training to perform with perfection. You must do a thorough background check before getting the procedure done. You must examine the credentials meticulously of the technician or the doctor carrying out the procedure.

You must restrict waxing, plucking, and even electrolysis for about six weeks prior to treatment if you have decided to undertake a laser hair removal from any reputed skin clinic or salon based in Melbourne.

You must also remember to avoid any kind of sun exposure for at least six weeks before and even six weeks after the laser hair removal treatment. Sun exposure may trigger complications after a laser hair removal. Moreover, sun exposure would be making the treatment less effective.


Even though laser hair removal will not help you eliminate unwanted hair forever, it would dramatically reduce hair growth so much so that you could consider stopping shaving altogether.

Laser hair removal process is not as painless as shaving but it is definitely not as painful as waxing. The pain level seems to be somewhere in between waxing and shaving. The expert technicians at any reputed Melbourne-based skin clinic would know best to tackle the situation. They would be using some ice on the concerned area just before and just after the laser removal process. This process would gradually become less and less painful with time as the hair would be becoming finer after a few consecutive laser hair removal treatments. So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today for a smooth, soft, and creamy skin.