Some Common Questions and Answers about a Thread Lift

If you are thinking about opting for a thread lift from any reputed cosmetic skin clinic based in Melbourne, you must seek answers to all the frequently asked questions. You must understand clearly what a thread lift would entail and then take a decision accordingly.

A thread lift is actually a minimally invasive technique with very little recovery time as compared to known conventional facelift procedure. This is ideal for individuals with hectic schedules and busy lifestyles or who are not interested in undergoing long surgical procedures.

What exactly do you understand by a thread lift?

Sutures or barbed threads for grasping the tissues are actually placed underneath the facial skin and then the skin would be pulled all along the thread for facial rejuvenation simply by tightening or constricting the lax tissue. As the tissues are not really separated from one another, it involves much less skin lifting; so, post-surgery bruising and swelling are significantly minimized. The thread lift is the famous procedure called the lunch hour lift. This procedure does not result in scarring. Moreover, the recovery time is relatively much less as compared to the conventional surgical procedures.

What results could you expect from this procedure?

A thread lift is performed only under local anaesthesia and you could expect instantaneous results. The results would be lasting for about three years. Then the threads would require perfect tightening or some more threads would require being added. Therefore, there is very little downtime or even zero downtime. Perfect choice of cases and precise placement of all the threads are mandatory to ensure positive results. Get an effective thread lift done from a reliable and renowned cosmetic skinclinic in Melbourne.

What are the areas that could be treated by a thread lift procedure?

A thread lift procedure could be effective in improving the overall looks of a patient suffering from sagging neck, sagging jowls and cheeks and even droopy eyebrows. It is possible to custom tailor the surgical procedure as per your precise needs. Moreover, your doctor would be making effective recommendations for overall improvements. You are bound to be completely happy with the outcomes.

What are the multiple benefits of any thread lift procedure?

The thread lift procedure is known for providing multiple benefits including quick recovery, brilliant results, no scarring, and it is also a minimally invasive procedure. Results are relatively long-lasting and it is a reasonably priced procedure. This is an undemanding and quicker procedure and it is best for people wanting a perfect solution to a host of aging issues. This is surely a progressive procedure that would be effectively neutralizing possibilities of explicit stretching. The surgeons performing the procedure do not require assuming the extent of skin stretching that would be attained. They are able to control and manage the procedure. There would not be any risk of getting an over-stretched or an artificially-stretched appearance.

What are supposed to be the risks involved?

Thread lifts may trigger minor side effects like swelling, infection, bruising, numbness, tenderness and slight asymmetry.

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