Body Shaping/Tightening Treatment (Assists in Cellulite Reduction)

Stay cool to get in shape

Tired of constantly trying to burn up that last localized pocket of fat sticking to your body?

Tired of the same old medicines, diets, exercises, vibrating belts, liposuction, surgery?

Take a breather, rest, cool down.

Get the perfectly sculpted body that you’ve always wanted, with Skintech Medical’s latest body shaping treatment in Melbourne – CoolShaping Cryolipolysis.

Traditional body tightening surgeries in Melbourne may be invasive, involving cutting and suturing of the skin or maybe heat based using infrared or laser technology. Skintech Medical’s CoolShaping Cryolipolysis treatment uses a radically innovative, paradigm shifting non-invasive, cell cooling process to selectively reduce unwanted pockets of fat and love handles.

CoolShaping Cryolipolysis is an integrated technology involving the use of Cryo, Vaccuum and LED. By controlled cooling down till 4 degree Celsius, fat cells that resist elimination through diets and exercises, are crystallized and destroyed. Within 12 weeks, this non-surgical alternative to liposuction, gives the desired shape to your body contours. The best part about this is it doesn’t damage the surrounding skin, nerves or blood vessels, and the treated fat cells are eliminated from the body naturally. This makes it one of the most advanced solutions for body shaping available today, which allows you to shape your body, the painless way!

Fat is our body’s way of storing extra energy. Research has shown that fat cells are more responsive to cooler temperatures than hot temperatures. So through an optimized and gradual process using cold exposure, selective cells in the subcutaneous fat layers are frozen. This triggers the body’s natural fat elimination process and the frozen crystallized fat cells that have died naturally without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue are eliminated, thus reducing thickness of the fat layer. Here is a breakdown of the four stages of this process:

Step 1:

A CoolShaping applicator is applied at the target area, and cyro-cooling is activated till the desired temperature is reached.

Step 2:

The targeted fat cells start responding to the cyro-cooling energy, and start crystallizing.

Step 3:

Within 30 days of treatment, the targeted fat cells die a biological death as part of the body’s natural metabolism process

Step 4:

The body eliminates the treated fat cells completely from the system within 90 days of treatment.

The result is a reshaped body contour without pain or surgery! Being offered at Skintech’s Melbourne clinic, this body shaping treatment causes no damage to surrounding cells and protects the surface of the skin.

Using sensors, vacuum and LED, this novel procedure maintains and stabilizes the temperatures in the target region during treatment. Coolpad technology is also used to protect the skin surface from cracking due to freezing. It relies on the body’s natural metabolic processes to then flush out the treated fat cells. This also gives relief from cellulite.

This innovative procedure uses the power of cooling to fight unwanted fat. It is distinct from other body sculpting treatments in many ways:

1. Non-invasive and safe

The best part about this treatment is that it only affects the fat cells. It doesn’t act on the skin, muscle or organ tissues that surround these cells. It has been certified safe and has received an approval from the FDA (United States) and Health Canada too.

2. It destroys fat cells completely 

This procedure changes the cellular structure of fat cells, and accelerates natural elimination from the body, so that they are completely removed from the system.

3. It’s painless!

This treatment can be performed without the need for any anaesthesia. Before starting the procedure, a protective gel is applied to safeguard the skin from frostbite. The CoolShaping applicator is placed over the target area and controlled cooling is applied to the area, to affect the subcutaneous fat cells.

4. No downtime

There are minimal and temporary side effects like redness, minor bruising due to the applicator suction and some desensitization of the skin. All of these go away within a few weeks at max.

5. Long-term results

While the complete elimination of targeted fat cells takes some time, one can see visible results in the treated area in as less as two months. What’s more, these results could also improve over time, depending upon your specific condition and treatment. 

How often do I need follow-ups?

Follow-ups are recommended between 1 – 4 weeks for a duration of 12 weeks. They vary by patient and treatment condition.

How long do the results last?

Body shaping treatments using Skintech Medical’s CoolShaping Cryolipolysis give persistent results for 6 – 8 months after treatment. This duration also depends on the patient and treatment condition.

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