Laser Pigmentation Removal

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Laser Pigmentation Removal Treatment

Our Laser Pigmentation Removal Treatment uses cutting-edge technology to help lighten the appearance of facial pigmentation, leaving you with a more even skin tone. Not all pigmentation removal is the same, and we have a range of medical-grade lasers to meet your specific needs.

What is Laser Pigmentation Removal Treatment?

Our medical grade lasers penetrate deep into the skin and selectively target the pigments, breaking them down into smaller fragments to be cleared by the body. Pigment treatment removal depends on the efficacy of treatment also relies on your body’s ability to clear the pigments, multiple sessions are usually required.

Our highly rated pigmentation removal treatment and uses medical grade lasers for our laser pigmentation treatment. Skintech Medical Cosmetic Clinics’ highly qualified doctors and nurses will perform the pigmentation removal treatment and give you proper care.

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Can lasers remove any type of pigmentation?

Medical-grade lasers can effectively lighten most types of pigmentation. However there are several exceptions which will be explained during your free consultation on pigmentation removal. There are many different types of pigmentation caused by factors such as sun exposure, genetics, and hormones. Melasma, for example, is stimulated by oestrogen which can be controlled but not permanently cured.

Book your free consultation with us to know more on our medical pigmentation removal treatments.

What makes laser pigmentation removal at Skintech different to the others?

Your pigmentation concerns will be managed by a highly experienced team of doctors, nurses, and skin therapists who can accurately diagnose your condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment plan on your pigmentation removal. We may also combine your laser pigmentation treatment with medical peels and home treatment skincare to help you achieve optimal results.

What is the downtime of laser pigmentation Removal?

Your skin sensitivity, as well as the depth and type of treatment you receive, will determine how much downtime you might have. Some patients will have no downtime at all, whereas others might have up to 14 days of downtime. Our skin specialist will discuss what you can expect and how you can look after your skin during your free consultation on laser pigmentation removal treatment.

What results can I expect?

Generally, the laser pigmentation removal treatment is designed to leave you with a more even and radiant complexion. Results will vary depending on your skin condition and the concerns you have. Some patients may need more sessions than others to receive the desired result on pigmentation removal.

Who will be doing my treatment?

Our medical procedures are carried out by our laser technicians, nurses, and doctors who are certified to perform skin laser treatments. All our clinicians at Skintech have had years of experience and specialise in this field to provide you with trustworthy, safe and effective laser pigmentation removal treatments.

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Each person's skin condition is unique. Our professional team can provide a complimentary skin consultation, and tailor a treatment plan specially to achieve the results that you desire.

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Each person's skin condition is unique. Our professional team can provide a complimentary skin consultation, and tailor a treatment plan specially to achieve the results that you desire.