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Skintech offers laser skin rejuvenation treatment using cutting-edge medical laser technology to help improve fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, enlarged pores and overall dullness. Your skin will be left looking smoother, healthier and younger.

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Laser rejuvenation treatment works by accurately targeting imperfections in the skin, whilst leaving the surrounding healthy skin untouched. The heat from the laser will help to produce new collagen in the dermis and speed up skin regeneration, forming newer, tighter and younger skin. Based on your specific concerns, we have a range of medical grade lasers that can be used to attain your desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which skin concerns can be targeted?

Our laser rejuvenation treatment can target and treat skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, large and open pores, loose skin and uneven skin tone and texture. It may also be used as an overall skin rejuvenation treatment for those who wish to freshen up their complexion.

What makes this laser treatment different to any other laser?

Our medical-grade lasers target your skin concerns, leaving your healthy skin untouched. This means that you will receive desired results with minimal downtime so you can resume normal activities faster!

What is the downtime?

Your skin sensitivity, as well as the depth and type of treatment you receive, will determine how much downtime you might have. Some patients will have no downtime at all, whereas others might have up to 14 days of downtime. Our skin specialist will discuss what you can expect and how you can look after your skin during your free consultation.

What results can I expect?

Results will vary depending on your skin condition and the concerns you have. Generally, this treatment is designed to leave you with a smoother, more even and younger looking complexion. Some patients may need more sessions than others to achieve the desired result.

Who will be administering my treatment?

Our procedures are carried out by our laser technicians, nurses and doctors who are certified to perform skin laser treatments. All our clinicians at Skintech have had years of experience and specialise in this field to provide you with trustworthy, safe and effective treatments.

What is the laser facial cost?

The laser facial cost can depend on the specific skin concern being targeted and how many sessions are required for treatment. During an initial consultation at our facial rejuvenation clinic, you will be informed of the estimated cost of facial laser treatment.

What are the benefits of laser rejuvenation?

Laser facial rejuvenation offers many benefits, including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced pore size, and younger, healthier looking skin. The laser facial resurfacing treatment stimulates the production of collagen, which has a range of benefits for the skin.

As a form of low level laser therapy, photo rejuvenation can also achieve improvements in skin tone and texture. This makes laser facial treatment a popular choice for overall skin rejuvenation.

Enquire with Skintech Today

If you’re interested in laser treatment for the face to rejuvenate your skin, arrange a complimentary consultation at Skintech for a laser facial in Melbourne. Our photo facial rejuvenation treatment can bring about excellent results for a range of concerns, making it an excellent option for laser face rejuvenation. Contact us today to learn more or make a booking.

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Free Consultation

By submitting your information you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Free consultations with cosmetic nurses and skin therapists only. Cosmetic doctor consultations incur a nominal $30 fee.


Free Consultation

By submitting your information you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Free consultations with cosmetic nurses and skin therapists only. Cosmetic doctor consultations incur a nominal $30 fee.

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