Vaginal Tightening & Stress Urinary Incontinence Laser Treatment

The non-ablative vaginal tightening laser thermally affects the vaginal tissue to stimulate collagen remodelling and the creation of new collagen fibres in the vaginal tissue and endopelvic fascia – the tissue that helps keep your vaginal tissue functional and toned. The targeted cells are responsible for your vagina’s lubrication, flexibility and elasticity, thus your vagina becomes less toned when the collagen becomes stretched out and isn’t adequately replaced.

Your vaginal cells are stimulated by the laser to produce new collagen and ‘bring the cells back to life’ – improved function of these cells is a key component of this treatment. Laser vaginal tightening treatments can make your vagina tighter, allow it to lubricate more easily and naturally, and generally function better than before. Laser vaginal tightening can also help with correcting stress urinary incontinence, since the tissue of your urethra is also stimulated

Stress urinary incontinence affects your lower urinary tract, and is caused by two different problems.

The first problem is caused by a disruption in the support structure of the urethra, which causes urine to leak when it is put under pressure.

The second problem occurs when the sphincter that allows urine to pass or be held weakens, which causes leakages when put under sudden pressure, like when you cough or laugh.

Laser vaginal tightening can help by directing the laser into the weak tissue and stimulating the cells to regenerate, which ultimately improves symptoms of stress urinary incontinence. You will see an instant improvement that will get better during the weeks and months after the treatment as the tissue regenerates.

Our stress urinary incontinence treatment in Dandenong is pain-free and involves no surgery.

Menopause can cause many changes including a dry, irritated or itchy vagina, urinary problems and painful sex. The reduction in oestrogen production can cause your vagina, vulva and certain parts of your urinary system to weaken.

There are many other problems that occur due to a lack of oestrogen during menopause that are referred to as the genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). The areas affected include:

  • Clitoris
  • Labia – minora and majora
  • Vaginal opening
  • Urethra
  • Vestibule
  • Bladder
  • Vagina

Some of the symptoms you may experience during menopause are:

  • A lack of lubrication with sexual arousal
  • Vulvar irritation
  • Burning of the vagina or vulvar
  • Impaired function of tissue
  • Urinary problems – difficulty, urgency, urinary tract infections
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Itching
  • Pain or discomfort during sex

Vaginal laser tightening can help by improving vaginal lubrication and stress urinary incontinence, and reduce pain during sex by rejuvenating the cells in the lining of the vagina for greater responsiveness. Results are quick, long-lasting and well-tolerated.

Your vaginal tissue can lose some of its elasticity if you deliver your child vaginally. The older you are, the harder it is for your vagina to recover after giving birth which can leave many mothers with a much-loved baby, but a looser vagina than they would like.

Having toned vaginal walls and a strong pelvic floor can be difficult to achieve through pelvic floor exercises alone, though these exercises are a must for every woman throughout her life. Laser vaginal tightening involves stimulating the cells in the walls of the vagina to increase collagen production. The procedure is safe, comfortable, pain-free, side-effect-free and effective.

At Skintech’s Melbourne and Dandenong clinics we use IntimaLase an incisionless, non-invasive laser to tighten the vaginal canal and vulva. IntimaLase can be used to treat vaginal relaxation syndrome, which is a loss of structure in the vagina associated with overstretching of the collagen and tissue of the vaginal canal during childbirth.

What the vaginal tightening laser can do

The laser is able to stimulate specific collagen-producing vaginal cells, which are responsible for your vagina’s flexibility, elasticity and lubrication. When collagen is not replaced when stretched, it can result in a vagina that is less responsive, not as tight, and cells that don’t respond quite as well to stimulation.

The laser stimulates only these cells to regenerate and stimulate the tissue to help regenerate the vagina, allow it to lubricate more easily and function better than before. This treatment can also be used to help correct stress urinary incontinence with great success.

What the vaginal tightening laser can’t do

While there are many things the laser can do, it is not magic. It cannot tighten your pelvic floor muscles, which are key for a tight vagina and strong pelvis – this is up to you. There are pelvic floor exercises that can help tighten your vagina after the treatment, and you may benefit from a pelvic physiotherapist.

The vaginal treatment will last for a while, but like your hair colour grows out, so does the rejuvenated cells.  The results will vary between women and depend on the state of your vaginal tissue at your first appointment. You may require more than one treatment if you have a relaxed pelvic structure and a very loose vagina, and are likely to require ‘top-up’ treatments annually.

Some of the benefits of vaginal laser tightening are:

  • It is a fast procedure
  • No anaesthesia is required
  • No downtime is needed
  • There is a low risk of infection or bleeding
  • Only one or two treatments are required
  • There are lasting results
  • It is a discreet treatment
  • The procedure doesn’t require surgery
  • It is an effective treatment for many vaginal problems associated with menopause and stress urinary incontinence

Your laser treatments are pain free, and very comfortable.  A mild, warm sensation may be felt during the procedure. If you have any concerns at all regarding the comfort of the treatment, call our Melbourne clinic and ask any questions. We will do our best to put your mind at ease so you can benefit from these effective vaginal treatments.

For those who have not reached menopause, only having one treatment should be enough. Women who are postmenopausal tend to benefit from having a second appointment about one month after their first.

You may experience some mild discharge immediately after your treatment, however there is no downtime required – this is a walk-in walk-out treatment with no negative effects on your life, besides a week without sex – your vaginal cells need to recover from the laser. It is advised that you abstain from intercourse for seven days and wear a sanitary pad or panty liner for five days for any light vaginal discharge that may occur after the treatment.

You should notice an improvement almost immediately, but new collagen will continue to form for up to a month, further increasing the vaginal tightness over time. Improvements in the elasticity, lubrication, softness and thickness will be more obvious in the weeks following the procedure as and the cells continue to regenerate.

Any unpleasant symptoms such as irritation, pain and itching should disappear quickly as well as a reduction in any symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.

Most women are suitable for laser vaginal tightening although there are a few restrictions, including:

  • If you are not pregnant
  • You have no vaginal infections
  • You have no existing urinary tract infections
  • Have not had a recent abnormal pap smear
  • You have undiagnosed abnormal vaginal bleeding

While there are no age restrictions on vaginal tightening treatments there are some guidelines in place to protect against rushing into procedures or choosing procedures that are not appropriate for you.

The Medical Board of Australia requires those under the age of 18 wishing to undergo any major procedure to be evaluated by a registered psychologist, psychiatrist or general practitioner. Minor procedures such as vaginal tightening treatments require a seven-day cooling off period after the procedure for those under the age of 18.

Laser vaginal tightening and rejuvenation procedures can be a really effective, long-term management strategy for postmenopausal women suffering dryness and irritation, and for women experiencing stress urinary incontinence. The tissue is regenerated and provides many women with exceptional results that cannot be achieved in any other way.

The vaginal revolution is here.

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